Dominic Townsend

Pragilist | Pragmatic Agile
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Skills Details

  • Professional management style and engaging leadership attributes
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills with high emotional intelligence
  • Exceptional organisational and planning skills, including strategic planning, SWOT analysis, risk management, environmental scanning and project management
  • Excellent understanding of Agile Project Management, including successfully introducing or refining Agile based development processes in several roles in a variety of industries
  • Excellent team creation, building and development skills
  • Exceptional ability to identify, develop and motivate talented people
  • Extensive experience across a wide variety of industries from embedded development and silicon to WebAPI and high power industrial control
  • Extensive experience in designing, documenting and introducing quality firmware development and test procedures and methodologies, including Agile software development, test driven development, code branching strategies and defect management
  • Extensive computer programming experience using C and assembly languages, PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, PowerShell, and Python scripting language, also some experience with PERL, and VBScript
  • Experience with embedded systems design and development
  • Impeccable document and diagram design skills
  • Experience with prototype fabrication for various projects, including soldering, PCB fabrication, plastic and metal casing construction
  • Instrumentation design and construction for a range of environments
Expertise in Software, Firmware, Hardware, design review. Experience across Software, SAAS, Control Automation, Embedded Electronics, Embedded for Silicon, Wireless and IoT, Networking, Medical Imaging, Prototyping, Research and Development, Environmental applications, Website design and applications, databases, scripting, logo designs…. and many more
Specialising in Technical Project Management, can assist with all aspects of getting things done. From initiation through planning, executing and reviewing, all whilst maintaining control and visibility to all stakeholders. Able to work within Stage-Gate, SCRUM, KANBAN, Lean startup, PMP and PRINCE II, or any framework required.
From Design Thinking through to Lean Change, can help teams and company build the right processes to ensure minimum viable products are released efficiently and meeting your clients expectations. Can cover from Firmware, through Software to Hardware as well as integrated systems. Use and scale of Kanban, Kaizen and Lean Canvas creation.

Having extensive experience of implementing Agile Software Development methodologies into software and hardware companies, can ensure that teams develop the right process, understanding and mentality to ensure teams are motivated and driven to build products that are fit-for-purpose. Coaching of team, scrum master, product owner and C-suite.

Business Development Management Services for technology companies. Able to use our industry knowledge, technical know how and New Zealand contacts to help grow clients through educating them about the company’s expertise and capabilities.

Interim CIO, CTO or any Technical Team needing a steady hand to see company though times of change, extended periods whilst recruiting, or just to have Senior Leadership as a part-time role whilst a business is maturing.