Dominic Townsend

Pragilist | Pragmatic Agile
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About Me

“My objective is to use my technical skills and management experience to help companies in the hi-tech industry fix, change, or improve their engineering development. I like to be challenged and continuously learning. I specialise in building, leading and motivating high performing technical teams through my personal management style and ability to identify and develop talent. Using a combination of Agile Coaching, Lean Startup methodologies, Design Thinking and a Continuous Improvement mindset, I can get teams and customers to come together on their journey to achieving value.”


Psychology, painting, reading, playing the guitar, playing soccer, designing logos/websites, table-tennis, golf, tramping, running, cycling, card tricks and gadgets. Built home automation projects for RFID Cat-flap, remote controlled Home Alarm, Remote Garage Door operation, Beer Fermenter controller, PID controlled Coffee Roaster, Large Screen Cricket Score Board, all using ARDUINO and RASPBERRY PI and peripherals.